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Trendy Winter colours for 2019

Trendy Winter colours for 2019

Winter can be colourful and there is absolutely no reason to stick with just black and white for the colder months. It is a great time to be bright, show off your individuality and overall fashion taste. To look closer at this, we have put together a colour guide for this unique season which will assist you to stay trendy all year round. The following looks were selected by designers’ Fall and Winter 2018/2019 collections throughout the world!

Pink is such a strong & charming way to look feminine and attract attention!

Burgundy is such a classy colour for the colder season. Clothes styled in this colour will always be considered trendy!

Yellow, yellow, yellow! 80’s cinema vibes, childhood flashbacks and a lot of different tones create warmth and style.

Although considered bland or boring by some, the colour grey can really shine if styled correctly. Try to mix a grey base with different colours or variations of grey tones!

Beige is by far one of the most luxurious colours available however it can be difficult to find the right tone. You should try a few variations to narrow down your favourite .. or you might even find that beige is not for you!

Orange/ginger may seem quite extravagant however the trick is in how you style it. Work with the accents and don’t hide behind traditional looks!

Deep blue, traditional blue or royal blue – whichever blue that catches your eye is the key to a trendy coloured outfit. Match different shades and don’t be afraid to mix them with other colours.

Olive is a under-utilised and very noble colour that looks expensive in every situation, no matter what style of clothing you prefer!

And finally, metallic colours can add greatly to any outfit or even act as its base. Silver is definitely one of the most wearable shades for daytime or night time.

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