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Top 10 Most Popular Products Around The World in 2018

Top 10 Most Popular Products Around The World in 2018

Lana Snow @lanasnowy

Let’s start by addressing the fact that every year, we have trending pieces of clothing and accessories that people are buying like hot cakes.

Well this year is no exception! If you are trying to identify such items then continue reading as we are about to discuss the 10 most popular products of 2018 and you can decide what appeals to you and your taste. Just read it and enjoy your time here

Here is the list;

1. Bags

Each year bags go through evolution of change which can range from the shape, material type, design, pattern and even the way it is worn. Bags are ever changing and whilst the fashion world will undergo a large progressive change, they will always go back to the basics.

Authentic items are hugely popular so if you have been hiding your Mums’ knitted bag from decades ago, now is the perfect time to dust it off and celebrate its authenticity.


For many years, Louis Vuitton bags were the best sellers and every woman wanted one. Thankfully, their timeless appeal continues however pay attention to the difference in sizing. That extra space is a valuable offering as women tend to do a lot on the go. We squeeze in our laptop’s, a Vogue magazine, re-useable coffee cups, new sunglasses and perhaps even baby bottles and nappies. It quickly becomes obviously why a Neverfull bag is such a great hit among women this year.

2. Metallic Sneakers

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Metallic Sneakers are very popular this year because of their reasonable price, excellent quality and stylish/modern appearance. You can see that a lot of Street style Fashion Bloggers / Influencers own a pair of these stunners and for good reason. They are somewhat a cheaper version of Gucci’s world famous sneakers mixed with crazy embroideries and beautiful patterns. So if you are on a budget this season don’t worry, these sneakers will do wonders in the department of adding spice and bringing some extra life your outfit. I wrote a special article all about sneakers click and read 5 Ways Sneakers are Rattling The Fashion World 

Barney`s NY

3. Rubber Sliders

A very useful item for Summer time is the infamous Gucci Pursuit Stripes Rubber Sliders. They look extremely funky, comfortable and in combination with some simple outfits, these Rubber Sliders will add a hint of luxury into everyday life.


4. Clea bomber

Acne Studios pale pink Clea bomber is another item that almost every lady wants to have in her closet. It is quite simple in design and finished in a gorgeous pink color. When women wear it as a part of an outfit, it helps give the impression of a well balanced look which flirts between tastefully casual and stylish. That is the true appeal of this Clea Bomber jacket.


5. Designer Belts

Often forgotten, belts are always trendy especially when it comes to designer logo belts such as Gucci GG. Throughout the year, we are bombarded with images of women from every continent wearing one of these eye catching belts and I am a huge fan of having a few expensive items in my wardrobe. A good belt or quality scarf can really bring the look together and add value to a simpler outfit. So if your budget allows you to invest into one item, I would recommend a Gucci Belt!


6. Ankle Boots

Maison Margiela paillettes ankle boots are a magical addition as they are so visually appealing. They almost bring a fairy tale princess flavour to any ensemble. Here is a perfect link for you to read all about 5 Ways To Wear Ankle Boots in 2018/2019


7. Trainers/Sneakers

Looking stylish does not pertain to just high heels, trainers and sneakers can do this equally well if matched tastefully. Balenciaga SPEED trainers are very much to go-to choice. I created in depth article all about sneakers 5 Ways Sneaker are Rattling Fashion World in 2018/2019 


8. Hoodies

Off-white or black brushed diagonal hoodies offer an edge’y, urban appeal to your outfit along with the added benefit of keeping you warm.


9. Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are always a good idea to shop for. TopShop black joni jeans have been best sellers for years and they are not going to become unpopular anytime soon! Opting for a black pair is a guaranteed winner which can easily mix & match or even swap between outfits. 


10. Woven bags

Very few items advertise Summer as well as a woven bag! They can accompany you on vacations, holidays or locally in town and no matter where you are, Loewe leather trimmed woven raffia tote will always match your style!



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