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How Red Jackets Are Bringing Sexy Back

How Red Jackets Are Bringing Sexy Back


The colour of red throughout history has been the color of style, royalty and passion. For some reasons, red was a must-have and other seasons it took a small step back.


Last year, it was the year for pastel colours and strong blacks whereas 2018 is all about bright, eye catching colours and different shades of red. Whether you will choose a piece of clothing, lipstick, shoes or a bag, the colour red is definitely something to have this season.


If red is a colour that you would like to try, you don’t necessarily have to choose multiple pieces at once – just choose clothing that you will be comfortable wearing. Thankfully, red is a part of every trend in 2018 so the concern of trends shouldn’t worry you.


In this article, I will give you some examples of how to wear, combine and create multiple outfits using red. For example, a jacket in red can be an overpowering/scary color but it doesn’t have to be. So let’s get started ..



Today’s western style jackets and shoes made a comeback into our daily wardrobe. One of the iconic western style jackets is the classic fringed jacket made out of suede in a beautiful red color. A fringed jacket can be easily combined with any kind of mini skirt, shirt, pants, denim and even long floaty dresses.

If you need to create a minimalistic look for the day, it can be easily achieved by adding a leather or denim skirt paired up with Dc. Martens boots. If your budget allows, go for boots from the new 2018 collection by Louis Vuitton. As for the underneath layer, add a simple white tee and accessorise with a simple multi-layer necklace.



If you suddenly find a cropped vintage terra-cotta jacket somewhere in op-shop or in your mothers wardrobe, borrow it for the Fall season. You can easily pair it with a classic cut pair of jeans or boyfriend jeans. Look at the above picture: she is wearing a classic 80’s outfit, complemented by retro shoes and very stylish glasses. But if you do not own a pair of shoes that are in an 80s style, don’t stress as this look is so diverse that you can as wild as you want in your choice of your footwear.



Bell bottomed jeans are a must-have therefore it’s no surprise that we can see every celebrity or influencer wearing them this season. If you want to achieve a classy smart/casual look, it can be created by wearing a classic white shirt and throwing over a smoking hot red blazer. If you are interested in learning all Blazer Styles in 2018 I found this useful info for you.



A red leather jacket is always a powerful statement piece which you can easily combine with more simple and conservative clothing for a variety of different looks.

– To look elegant wearing a leather jacket, make sure that skirt/dress that you are planning to wear is at least knee high.

– If you are going after smart-casual look, choose garments that are in pastel colors. You can pair them up with Gucci white sneakers and that will add the touch of style you are looking for.

– For a feminine look, this photo is a perfect example of how to do it. The attention drawing red leather jacket was combined with a lovely dress that has a simple pattern and killer high heels. She has combined these items so beautifully and what I love the most is that not one piece overpowers another! In fact, it is quite the opposite; they all complement each other creating this flawless look.

– If you want to create a romantic look, just choose a summer maxi dress and throw a red leather jacket over the top. Should you choose a dress in pastel colors, add on some red lippy and you will appear effortlessly gorgeous. When it comes to Summer, make sure your dress is a darker shade or perhaps even black. Vogue explains here 22 Blazers Inspiration



If you wish to put together an outfit using all contemporary pieces, it can be done by wearing an asymmetric skirt with an oversized jacket and sock boots.

But one key ingredient here is the plain white shirt underneath as that will balance the outfit out and make it work harmoniously. It also features quite a few statement pieces like a terra-cotta jacket, sock boots and a skirt therefore it is essential when combining pieces like this to ensure that:

1st – Your under layer is a simple white shirt

2nd – The color of your footwear and skirt needs to be in the same scheme

3rd – Your bag should be simple and matching the color pallet of the whole outfit



Bomber jackets are a very functional item of clothing that can fit into your everyday wardrobe and be a good partner in crime. This feminine and delicate outfit consists of a romantic mini-length skirt and a white t-shirt which when paired together, can be easily completed with a red bomber jacket and chic heels. This combination of pink, red and white is suitable for day time businesses as well as for evening events.



Smart mono-colored looks are an effective way to look simple and stylish at the same time. Try on a deep red suit and you will attract everybody’s attention all day long. The red chic, skinny trousers were perfectly matched with a deeper red color blazer, combining different shades of red and different textures which gives the outfit an edge and elegance at the same time. InStyle Magazine offers you places where you can to find your favourite blazers suppliers.

In the example, the shoes and bag were chosen to match the red tones and to finish up the overall theme. The whole look was tastefully lifted by a light coloured hat and a white top.

So there it is, my advice on how to style a red jacket this season! Wishing you good luck and plenty of inspiration!

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