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Multiple ways to style your beige turtleneck sweater

Multiple ways to style your beige turtleneck sweater

Items of basic clothing work best when creating both daily and evening outfits. Today we are aiming to inspire you to create a variety of different looks for the week using one of the simplest and most common items – a beige coloured turtleneck.

So let’s get started!

Picture 1; Here we have a highly presentable and tastefully feminine office/school look which can be achieved by using only three primary items: a skirt, a turtleneck and a jacket. Simplicity is key to a modern looking ensemble with minimal accessories and maximum style. An accent can be made via your choice of color palette and/or materials.

Picture 2; The monochromatic base of the outfit should be brought to life by statement pieces like a warm toned coat, fashionable boots and a colourful bag to brighten up the look. Other accessories like sunglasses, a hat and a bag are welcome additions.

Picture 3; If you want to look and feel like a trendsetter, try to use different textures and styles. A very conservative turtleneck and sweater combination can be complimented by high heel boots and a western styled miniskirt, both of which are extremely trendy right now. The peachy-brown colour palette, as in the below picture, will work brilliantly too.

Picture 4; To transform a standard combination of a turtleneck top with jeans, try adding a faux furry coat! You can also accentuate the waist with a statement belt, bring extra class with trendy leopard sleepers and finally, add an expensive bag.

Picture 5; If you have not included a turtleneck into your ensemble over the years, it might be time to introduce one into your wardrobe. Put on your favourite skirt in a safari or military style, throw on a coat and add a burst of color to the outfit via a bright pair of high heel boots and matching handbag. Try to stick to trendy colours for the accents and if you are after recommendations, we have already dedicated a whole article to this topic!

Picture 6; Another popular look is to layer your turtleneck under a shirt. This outfit actually contains a lot of nowadays’ trends but still looks quite classical. A neutral colour palette, high quality materials and a fashionable but conservative combination will help this look remain trendy for many years to come.

Picture 7; If you are looking to combine a turtleneck with your suit pants for a Friday evening outing, here are some helpful tips to get you started: (a) Start with your high heels (b) Add jewellery to your outfit such as large earrings, bracelets and necklaces (c) Finally, throw on a faux furry jacket to achieve the chic and glamorous look.

And there we have it! 7 very different outfits utilising the one beige coloured turtleneck. It can be a challenge to find such looks but please draw from these examples for inspiration .. Believe in yourself and never give up!

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