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Street Style Looks for Summer 2018

Street Style Looks for Summer 2018

When looking at the current street style trends, fashion shows and fashion icons, I am always pleased to see a sparkle in each trend. Weather its a minimalistic trend or street style approach, it has plenty of versatility even for the office. You can look as bright and extravagant or gentle and conservative as you want, simply choose whatever best suits your style/mood and occasion.

AND please remember 2018 is a fun time in fashion when shapes, colours, sizes and patterns are IN TREND. It’s all about developing an eye for shapes and colours and trying to match them up in a visually appealing way.

Here are few pics for you to get inspired by!!!

CREATE your own STYLE!!!


And of couse lets not forget about these increadible princess like puffy sleaves !! Big sleaves will  instantaniously make your  physic appear on the smaller side. And it make everywoman look just a bit more femenine and delicious !!!

Next is patterns and colour you can go crazy as you want and yes you still will look trendy. Just remember if colours are absolutly opposite bright tone not more that 3 per outfit. But colur is the same but with different shades…. well let your imagination run wild and layer them on !!


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