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Pippa Middleton And Her World Of Fashion

Pippa Middleton And Her World Of Fashion

Pippa Middleton is one of the dearest people of Great Britain and the way she dresses is a palette that everyone can relate to. Her individual style is a gentle combination of simple and laconic yet serious and meaningful.

There is no question that she is a big lover of a neutral color palette and enjoys combining nudes and beiges to get that clean look. Western and boho styles seem to suit her the best, especially when heading out for long walks with loved ones. The picture below shows her in a pair of brown velvet moccasins, perfectly matched to her jacket and a neutral, lightweight boho blouse. An addition of a small bag completes the look.

Pippa Middleton nude beige fashion lana snow


Nude is a great colour for daytime meetings or even around the office, assuming your workplace does not have a strict dress code. Classical jumpsuits with interesting details and triangular décolleté is an excellent choice for hot Summer days. Flats and a casual bag can easily dress down this beautiful outfit and adding heels with and a statement purse will tastefully set you up for a date night or a party.

Pippa Middleton nude beige fashion lana snow walking dog


Pippa Middleton nude beige fashion lana snow office

















A perfectly acceptable combination for the office is a pair of trousers and a blazer. Instead of conforming to the usual ‘smart casual’ trend of black and white, we can happily use beige as a foundation colour. In this case, Pippa Middleton pairs it with classical white trousers and a floral printed blouse to bring some playfulness to an otherwise strict look. Contrasting sandals and a classy bag adds some spark and prevents this outfit from becoming monotonous and boring which can easily happen with light coloured outfits.

Pippa Middleton nude beige fashion lana snow black bag



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