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Outfit Ideas for the Fifa World Cup 2018

Outfit Ideas for the Fifa World Cup 2018

Outfit Ideas for the Fifa World Cup 2018

Every girl faces the classic “outfit problem” when it comes to a sportive event like Fifa World Cup because wearing gym-stuff like leggings and a t-shirt is too obvious and uninspiring. That’s why I’ve prepared some interesting outfit ideas in different styles to inspire your creativity and individuality. But firstly I would love to mention that the most important characteristics of the look has to be your comfort and self-confidence. Now let`s have a look at some ideas I’ve prepared for you !!

Denim is one of the most expected things to wear to this kind of event because it`s always trendy and easy to combine. A pair of jeans can be used as a part of a summery warm-coloured, boho-look along with some sandals, a sundown and a straw bag. Or they can be complimented by a pair of fashionable sneakers and classic accessories to achieve a sport-chic look.


Bella Hadid perfectly matched her Denim with with corset and sneakers.

Marc Piasecki/GC Images

Denim shorts and mini-skirts are also good choices for Summer activities, especially when it comes to football or soccer, whatever you call it! Both options are very unpretentious, so they can be dressed-up and dressed-down easily by adding or taking away some details. To dress it up, just throw over a Boho-style top and a top notch hat and to dress it down, simply add on some sneakers.



This season consider swapping your beloved leggings and overstuffed t-shirts into comfortable sports trousers and a simple top in combination with trainers and a beautiful bag.

Timur Emek/Getty Images

Timur Emek/Getty Images

Classic trousers, as we all know, are the most comfortable/elegant fashion item of every season, and Summer time is no exception. They can be worn as a part of a simple casual outfit with a white shirt 


or a classic jacket over a crop-top  paired with stylish sneakers, mules (picture 16) or espadrilles for even more comfort.



Romantic vibes can be added to this occasion by introducing floral-printed dresses and mini-skirts  which makes every girl feel a bit more feminine when she puts them on.


The brave hearts can slip into light-coloured, fitted dresses accompanied with a cross-body straw bag. Or add some colour to your outfit with a bright patterned skirt or throw on a beautiful red dress!!!




It’s important to remember you don`t have to look overdressed if you don’t want to. Casual, simple and fashionable outfits will work wonderfully on these kind of events.

And ladies, please don’t forget to bring along your most important accessories .. A radiant smile and your gorgeous personality!




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