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Multiple Ways To Style An Oversized Sweater

Multiple Ways To Style An Oversized Sweater

I could feel that early morning freshness in the air as I began my morning routine to prepare for work. I quickly went through my wardrobe and ran a quick analysis of what I need for the cooler weather. Of course, the first thing that popped into my mind was “I really need that oversized woollen sweater that I see on Instagram all the time”

I believe every lady should own an oversized sweater for the Fall and Winter months because they are so comfortable and huggable however it can get boring wearing the same combination of clothes every day, like a sweater paired with jeans and a shirt. For this reason, I have put together ‘An Ultimate Guide – How to style an oversized sweater this season 2018”. My goal here is to help you ladies compose brand new outfits with habitual pieces and never get bored by oversized sweaters again!


Classical pants and a laconic sweater is the best way to look presentable in the office


This is a good example of how to wear sporty items like sneakers and very conservative items, like a shirt, sweater and classical pants, on daily basis. The look is very simple but at the same time, it catches people’s attention because of all the shapes and eclecticism. To avoid being cliche, find a sweater that has an untraditional shape or an interesting neck cut is the way to go. To balance it all out, you can always add a classic white shirt underneath. For a more chic look, you can avoid the classic black work pants and go for chinos in any dark shade or pastel colour. If you truly want to look the part, make sure your chinos have a classic pattern and you are all set for your busy work day.


This outfit is quite reserved and could be seen as boring for its minimalism. But the coloristic decision of yellow trousers, emerald green baggy sweater and a pair of simple orange mules brings this whole composition to another level of styling.


Have you already heard that ballet skirts are trendy again?


Several layers of this beautiful clothing combination work well for this particular season. A bright yellow ballet skirt with massive trainers brings a lot of romanticism and at the same time, a child’s playfulness to this everyday look. You will also notice a sweater is worn underneath the leather jacket which helps pull the overall look together.


I recall one day when I was wearing a similar combo and I can tell you that the response I received from people was so surprising. I honestly thought they would misunderstand me and think that I am a bit over the top, but the reaction was absolutely beautiful. I received comments saying that my outfit just makes people smile as they think back to their childhood. Some of the comments made even suggested I looked like a little princess and they felt the need to share their thoughts with me. I found it amazing how fashion can take people back in time and make them recall previously lost feelings and memories.


This look is very similar to the previous one however it has a different feel to it. It feels much more feminine and even though the majority of the clothing is the same, it carries a different feel and mood. So here is a tip: If you ever try something on and you love the cut but somehow it doesn’t give you the look/feel you are after, try the same pieces but in a different color with different accessories.


Leather is the best friend of a sweater;



Here is a perfect example of a match made in heaven. You can put together some interesting everyday outfits using a sweater and leather bottoms. The item of leather can be any of the following: any length skirt, pants or shirts.

You can see an example of how to combine loose leather trousers with a sweater. The high waisted leather pants visually elongates her legs and the addition of a belt highlights her waist perfectly. A chunky knitted beige sweater gives that necessary addition of texture to the overall outfit. Of course, it’s very important to choose the correct footwear for the outfit. In the above example, she went for a chic look therefore there was a need for high heels. Keep in mind that choosing footwear with a pointy tip will visually elongate the legs even further.

If you decide that you want to convert this look into a smart casual look, it can be easily done by replacing heels with white Gucci sneakers. But if you still want a bit of glam in your outfit, opt for white leather sneakers that have a silver or gold metal tip.


The Western style is really trendy right now so take advantage of it and create some new, modernised western looks.

Here is a perfect example of a western style that has been modernised and brought to life in this tasteful combination.

Let’s start with this stunning, loud statement piece side cut leather skirt which is combined with high cut suede botforts. That combination is already quite strong and loud therefore we need to add something this stabilise the outfit. A simple beige turtleneck sweater with roll up sleeves is a perfect choice or a stylish black belt and oversized earrings act as a good addition to this composition too.

Another good example is this very powerful, eye catching outfit which carries a touch of that Western style.


When choosing what to wear, try to think not only about colours and shapes but textures as well


Another way to wear your sweater is to combine it with your favourite velvet pants/skirt and I promise you will love the way they work together. A green knitted sweater is matched with vintage brown velvet pants. It is not a conventional combination that every girl will go for but the look turned out to be quite unique and eye catching and that cross body bag complements the vintage vibe.


Speaking of textures and details… This season is very rich with different kinds of fringe, all of which look gorgeous in combination with oversized sweaters.



This look is a very good example of how to correctly wear this combination. A simple oversized sweater is perfect as it will help to highlight this richly textured suede fringed skirt. If you wish to add spice to the whole outfit, this ensemble can be worn with very bright and eye catching footwear like these stunning boots and a matching bag.

It really depends what do you want your outfit to say about you. If you want to be more on minimalistic side, it can be easily achieved by swapping bright colourful shoes to plain coloured shoes. My advice is, if you still want to look elegant and well put together, just make sure your shoes match your skirt. Meaning that if your skirt is made of suede, it will look much much better if you choose black suede shoes to go with it.

We really hope that this little guide will inspire you to take a second look at your sweaters, view them in a different way and experiment with your own style!

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