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How to wear white this Fall/Winter season

How to wear white this Fall/Winter season

Lana Snow

White is a timeless and ever-trendy colour and should form an essential part of your wardrobe. It’s refreshing, respectable and presentable in any combination you can imagine. This particular article contains some simple tips on how to style white for upcoming seasons. The information can seem quite obvious but it is really important because most of time, people ignore it believing it to be too simple.


For a smart casual look, white and nude are the best colours;


White clothing can easily be paired up in countless ways and is limited only by your imagination. Here are 4 techniques that will help create different looks from the same basic pieces, being white trousers and a white top;

Smart Casual Look:

Add a pair of white Nike sneakers for women, white loafers and an oversized blazer. This look will give you that trendiness and sharpness that you might be looking for.

Evening Outfit:

Add a pair of closed toe heels, leopard print heels or white shoes with a golden ‘off the shoulder’ top.

Business Meeting:

Add a pair of creamy leather shoes and a grey/dark navy color blazer. A very smart and stylish combination.

Picking Up Children From School:

Add white Gucci sneakers and a grey coloured, woolen oversized cardigan and you will look both fresh and trendy.


A white sweater that can be dressed up or dressed down;


Oversized white sweaters are a MUST-HAVE this season as you can wear them in so many ways. Here are some ideas for how to wear your oversized sweater this season in 2018;

Add a polka-dotted skirt and a pair of heels to look elegant and feminine wearing your oversized white jumper. You can add a simple piece of jewelry on top of your sweater and your look will be complete. Or combine your sweater with a white shirt, grey color chinos and a pair of white Gucci sneakers/leather boots and you are ready for your Casual Friday.



Combine a white sweater with a mini skirt! Just tuck it inside the skirt and you will look stunning. The combination will be completed by a ladylike bag and addition of some delicate jewelry. A White skirt is not only a Summer essential as you can easily wear it through the Fall time.


Try pairing your silky white skirt with an oversized knitted sweater and cowboy boots, which have recently made it back into the fashion world. A warm, simple and comfortable outfit to be loved and admired by everyone!



A white shirt is a reoccurring classic that will be fashionable forever.


The classic and ever lasting white shirt can be worm in so many ways and it will never go out of style. Consider investing in a good quality, crispy white shirt that is beautifully tailored and is made out of pure cotton.

For the Fall time, combine a long sleeved white shirt with a pair of vintage jeans to create a stylish and functional daytime look. To make more of a statement look, trying adding interesting footwear like loafers in an extraordinary color/pattern and a matching bag to complete this laconic outfit. And for a nighttime look, combine a white shirt with a black leather mini-skirt, knee high boots and a statement piece necklace/ring.


Who said that white footwear can only be worn by brides and children!?!


White, as well as red, is the trendiest footwear color for the two previous seasons and will continue to be fashionable for many more seasons. We already witnessed that in 2018, white sneakers are must-haves and nearly every lady owns a pair. But don’t be afraid to experiment with classical footwear like high heeled boots and shoes. If combined correctly with an outfit, they will really add to your overall outfit trendiness and elegance. Lets say you need to run out of the house quickly to a smart casual meeting or visit a semi-formal/formal event. Having a pair of white heels in your wardrobe can be a saviour as you can rely on them to easily combine with a pair of classic jeans or a skirt and look completely appropriate.


Don’t dismiss dressing completely in white, it can be quite intriguing with bright details!


Blend an all-white look with some bright and eye-catching accessories and you will simply glow! Colourful shoes and a powerful looking bag can add value to any composition and bring an overall freshness to it. This is a very reserved and classical clothing ensemble that has been perfectly completed by socks and sandals: a pair of bright red Valentino shoes and thin socks with a splash of blue and red on the bag. The whole outfit is engaging, memorable and looks incredibly elegant.


All-white is also a good idea when you choose a garment with an unusual design or cut;


Sweaters and pants can be chosen in a white color to accentuate attention on an unusual cut and/or fabric. There is no real rule this year as to what you should wear but keep an eye on asymmetric pieces. Another functioning trend is a look-a-like which defines when a skirt will look like a shirt. In 2018, it’s all about expressing yourself and wearing pieces that truly represent your individuality. No-one will give you a weird look because you are wearing a unique piece. Go wild and free and try any trend you want, just be sure to wrap that composition around your own personal style.

If you wish to stick to a minimalistic, laconic piece rather than something complicated, all you need to do is choose one bold, white piece. You can complement your own style by wearing all white accessories like sunglasses, shoes and a bag which will certainly bring depth and individuality to the whole outfit.

So there we have it! Some pointers on how to style white as a color this Fall or Winter season and who knows, you might not say that white clothes and accessories can only be worn by brides.

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