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How to style leather pants in multiple ways

How to style leather pants in multiple ways

Lana Snow

Leather pants are one of the trendiest items throughout the fashion seasons. But does this mean that they are now out-of-date and too boring or predictable? Of course not! If correctly  styled, your old time favourite leather trousers will be fashionable forever and will never go out of style. Let’s see the latest fashion trends involving leather pants this Fall!


Manlike jackets, hoodies and loose leather pants truly reminds me of the 80’s style. Today’s fashion is laud and very open minded, meaning we as women can easily wear in mans shirt, t-shirt or a blazer and still make it work as a part of your outfit on 2018. How much fun is that!?


You can glam up your leather pants by combining them with a statement blazer and a pair of hot heels. Or you can add some romantic vibes by adding flowers to your outfit or replace your pocket square/handkerchief with a rose.


Lana Snow


Leather on leather looks quite good when cleverly stylized. The key here is to introduce a differently textured garment that can break down the heavy look of leather.




As we all know, faux fur is really popular nowadays. Use this opportunity to make interesting combinations with different textures and materials, like leather and fur, and experiment with as many styles as you want!




It’s getting cold outside, I can see people starting to reach for their sweaters and I’m glad to see people experimenting with unusual sweaters, cardigans and turtlenecks. I can truly see that people are seeing fashion as self expression. One of the most successful combinations is a sweater with leather pants and heels. This will make everyone look like a celebrity. If you decide to go after colourful leather pants, try to stick to classical types of tops in neutral colours. This will always look fabulous and fashionable in every situation.




Bright colours can transform a gloomy day into a sunny one. Maybe that’s why a lot of fashion divas prefer wearing colourful clothes during Fall and Winter. Pair your favourite leather trousers with some bright trendy coloured outerwear with interesting details like berets, sunglasses and earrings and you will look just gorgeous!




Now that you have seen more possibilities of how to style your leather pants this season, you will confidently take yours out the drawer and start showing them off. I found few resources for you to explore  20 Ways to wear leather pants   and How to Wear Leather Trousers 


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