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How To Choose Accessories For Your Outfit

How To Choose Accessories For Your Outfit



Let’s begin this article by admitting that this topic is even green. That means that no matter where we are in time, women will always want to know how to accessories their outfits. Personal style lives in the small details and that is exactly why choosing accessories for your outfit is a very important action.

Having small items that are unique to you will always showcase your individuality and make people wonder where you found that gem.


Bright and colourful accessories go well with pastel colours and mono-toned clothes. It’s important that your garment underneath allows your accessories to shine and act as accents. Alternatively, if they are placed on a busy outfit, they will simply compete with each other. Here is a helpful info by Elle Magazine if you feel inspired to read more hope it’s helpful to you.




When broches are placed on mono-colored clothing, they really can make everything look more magnificent. I personally have a beautiful broche that I place on my black blazer and it really does add another layer of. My advice to you is to consider investing in a beautiful broche by Chanel, Cartier or Tiffany as they will always remain in style.


An old rule says: The bag has to be the same color as the shoes. Now this doesn’t work at all as styles develop and progress. In fact following this statement will make the outfit look much simpler and out of date. A better approach is to choose one particular color for your accessories and then add different tones or use dissimilar colours, prints and textures.


Different nude tones of heels and bags can make this simple everyday outfit look a bit deeper and memorable.

casual clothes


You can creatively match black mules with a fashionable blue bag which adds tasteful embellishments to this casual look.


Another great idea is to wear colourful shoes and a bag that matches just one color from the shoe palette. Even the simplest outfit will look much cooler with this combination. Here is an example of myself wearing very similar rainbow style shoes and you would not believe how many compliments I get from women on the street regarding them! For me, they are a must-have for the Summer of 2018.

Lana Snow


My suggestion is not to wear more than 4 large jewels on your outfit. To be honest, one statement piece is more than enough. I found this fun article about 10 Coolest Accessory Trends in 2018 you can read it if you want more inspirations.


The beautiful golden necklace worn here (girl on the right) doesn’t really need any help from another accessory however the large bird-ring she is wearing works quite well.


Another statement necklace styled with an everyday outfit looks terrific with the small earrings she has chosen.


The situation is different when it comes to delicate jewellery like tiny metallic rings, thin bracelets and small necklaces. You can mix and match them as you like and wear as many as you want.




But not only simple looks require jewellery! These floral printed pants catch all the attention however the outfit still isn’t complete without the addition of some jewellery.


Sometimes combining multiple styles in one outfit can be risky and untraditional, but don’t be quick to judge as if its done correctly, the whole outfit can look quit unique and remain trendy.


This girl is wearing a lot of color and mismatched jewelry yet the whole look does not look odd or in bad taste. Do remember that every piece does have common denominator and that is the visual glue that holds the arrangement together.


If you want to add an interesting piece to your outfit but nothing comes to mind, add some sunglasses and they may help finish it off. Here is my article that went crazy popular when I released it , check it out Trendy New Designer Sunglasses in 2018/2019


In the above picture, these two beauties are wearing very conservative pieces which are complemented by stylish sunglasses. This tiny addition adds another layer of class without disrupting the minimalistic approach.


Sunglasses can be added to a winter outfit as a stand alone piece or as a statement piece. The good thing about sunglasses is that you can proudly wear them all year round pairing them with a coat, like these girls did, and enjoying that mysterious look they offer!


During the last few years, there was a strong focus on belts. Especially Gucci belts which have gained huge popularity among women around the world.


This warmly toned outfit is smartly matched with a simple belt and allows the outfit to look and feel complete. Belts are handy for people who face dress code restrictions too. For example, an office place that does not allow people to highlights their individuality through clothes or accessories. In this situation, a belt can be a real saviour! Pair it with classical trousers, a skirt, jeans or a dress – there are a lot of ways to look cool!


Belts are handy for people who face dress code restrictions too. For example, an office place that does not allow people to highlights their individuality through clothes or accessories. In this situation, a belt can be a real saviour! Pair it with classical trousers, a skirt, jeans or a dress – there are a lot of ways to look cool! Here is all about belts article by Popsugar if you want to see all the shapes and colour of belts that are trendy this season.


In case you are a watch lover, this tip is for you! To make an accent on your watch hand, you can wear bracelets or if you prefer a more balanced look, put them on the other hand with some rings.


Beautiful metallic watches (pictured above) look great in combination with golden bracelets and/or a ring. The jewelry in this look is very simple but gives so much texture and depth to the outfit.


If you are going on a date after work, you can dress up your formal outfit by adding a scarf.



You can experiment even more by using a scarf as a belt to look even more stylish and unusual. Pair it with simple jeans and complete the look by wearing comfy heels. In fact, I have actually written an in depth post titled ‘How To Style A Scarf 11 New Ways’


Last but not least, let’s have a small talk about bags. We already know that it’s not necessary to have it in the same color as the footwear. But it’s not a single rule. Always remember that the bag needs to color and style match your clothes.


This very feminine look was put together by professionals and as you can see nothing stays unsettled. Little bag matches the lines on the dress, but it’s not similar color, it’s another red tone. This incongruity gives the outfit more volume and makes people scan it carefully for details.

I hope these little tips will be useful for and your personal style. Experiment and have fun! Good luck!!!

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