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How to look expensive on a budget

How to look expensive on a budget

Newsflash, you do not need a stylist when you want to look expensive on a budget. You can be your own stylist. It’s easy to dress expensively without having to spend a million bucks. You can stay chic by experimenting on the items in your closet and putting your money towards the right clothes – the basic and the versatile. You can mix and match. You really do not need to buy expensive clothes and shoes to look expensive. In this blog, we will discuss how to look expensive on a budget. From the correct accessories to the proper shoes to make you look like you are a Hollywood star casually dressed up by her stylist.

1) Invest in a good leather jacket

Owning a leather jacket is the staple of looking expensive because leather IS expensive. Premium leather can cost you a lot but there is a perfect alternative – faux leather. This type of jacket won’t hurt your wallet and it also does the job as good as the premium one. You can wear a faux jacket and most can’t even tell the difference, except you.

When selecting a faux leather jacket, take note of the features of the genuine leather. For example, the genuine version has that classic recognisable grainy texture. Create some variation on the leather jackets that you select. The only thing that makes a faux leather look faux is the smoothness. If the surface is perfectly smooth, that might give it away. Opt for a jacket with a little imperfection. The more textured it is the more genuine it appears. And remember, when you are wearing a jacket, put some attitude to it to make not just the jacket look expensive but also the person wearing it.

2) Choose the right fabric

Some fabric looks more expensive than the others. For example, a fabric which appears shiny makes us think that this type of fabric is synthetic. As opposed to the natural fabric which has the natural and expensive look. Linen is a fabric that improves as time goes on which makes it worth buying in the first place. On the other hand, synthetic fabric loses its quality fast. Faux suede is another fabric you can opt for because it is affordable but it does not look like so. Cotton is also a good option. Plus, it is a good quality fabric that comes at a good price. Another thing that is great about cotton is it is a natural fibre which makes it washable and does not require much maintenance.

When considering your fabric of choice, it is important to not just think about its look but also its longevity. Part of being practical knows if the item will last so to avoid going back and forth to stores, buying the same thing can help. Some of the fabric that normally lasts includes cotton and linen.

3) Black is beautiful and looks expensive

One fashion advice that has been repeatedly said is one has to own a black dress which they can always depend on. Black is indeed beautiful and most of the time, it looks expensive. However, you should also be selective of the pattern, the material and the items you wear it with.

If you are going to choose an all-black outfit, choose items that have different shades/textures of black but never choose an item that has a faded look as that will truly let the whole outfit down. Black color will create a streamlined effect that looks expensive. So the smart move is to stack up more blacks in your closet.

4) Accessorise using a high-quality scarf and bag decor

The trick in looking expensive when wearing accessories is to wear the weighty types. Accessories are also worth the investment because you can match most of them to your outfits. So it helps if you put more thought into the accessories you buy. When you pick the right accessories, it can definitely elevate and add more quality to your overall look.

What details should you look for in an accessory? You can consider investing in an expensive scarf from Gucci or Louis Vuitton which you can pair up with some basic outfits you already have and that scarf will add an extra layer sophistication to your look.

In jewelry, the ultimate option is clear crystals which are more expensive looking than plastic gemstones and the same goes for darker metals versus their shiny accessories. I would suggest you choose pure silver or high quality plated silver/ rose gold as the colour won’t rub off so easily and it will have an overall expensive look. Consider some brands like Mimco or Pandora as they are trendy, good quality and the price doesn’t bite as much! Also stay away from the accessories that look flimsy as they will just cheapen your overall look.

Classic accessories can also make your outfit look expensive. If you choose to go with the classic look, you can add a metal or leather watch. Vintage accessories are also viewed as something that has more value. This is aside from the fact that vintage jewelry is the ultimate conversation piece and style statement. I was able to find vintage style Versace earrings with traditional Leon head and big loops. And guess WHAT ?? That is exactly what in style is this season!!

If you are going for the more casual look, add one eye-catching accessory to top your outfit. Your options include a silk scarf, an oversized watch or a pair of stud earrings. This kind of outfit is easy to pull off and look seamless when put together.

5) Dark colours will make cheaper materials look expensive

If the situation calls that you choose a cheaper material, this is not the worst case scenario at all as you can get them in dark colors to elevate their appearances of quality. Try getting items in dark gray, dark brown, navy and black. Choose items which are primarily monochromatic and with the color variation that matches your color profile (warm or cool tone).

One bonus tip related to this trick is, choose camel coloured clothes. Aside from black, this colour is now largely seen to be the most expensive color as people are now associating this colour with wealth. No wonder people think this because most of the designer coats utilize this colour and most fashion icons are seen with camel coloured coats over black dresses. Style experts definitely vote for this color as the one that signifies expensive fashion.

6) More shoes in suede means more expensive and formal outfits

Part of the reason why suede is considered an expensive product is the process of how it’s created. Where did suede come from? This material is found in the inner surface of animal hides or what we see on the underside of leather. The delicate look of suede is what makes people love it. It looks soft on the outside but is actually quite sturdy on the inside. With the intricate process attached to it, people view it as quality material and a practical option.

When choosing shoes, pointy shoes are also viewed as more classy. If you want to double the class up, invest in some pointy suede shoes. If you want to look formal, suede is also the way to go as suede shoes make great formal wear. They also provide a good alternative to the standard of formal shoes which are normally black and brown.

7) Those cheap buttons have to go.

You can buy cheap clothes with cheap buttons but have you considered replacing them with expensive replacement buttons? No, they are not that difficult to find, even your craft store sells them or if that is not an option, you can check online on eBay or Etsy. If you still can not find something through those options, check your old clothes and transfer those buttons. Your options should include metal, bone or pearls. What about stitching? Well, stitching is easy to do; there are videos online that you can follow. If you do not have time to do this, you can take it to the dry cleaner because some of them can switch the buttons for you at a small price.

Now, why do we think that something as small as a button would impact the way your outfit would look? Buttons actually have been the go-to way for women to police cheap clothing as they are often the first thing the eye notices. And as an added benefit, they also add a personal touch to your outfits.

8) Use a structured bag

It has been universally agreed by fashion experts that a structured bag looks elegant and we could agree that elegance means expensive. Most women invest in a structured bag and you should too. The great thing about this type of bag is that it matches different occasions. You can splurge if your budget permits but it guarantees that you can make the most out it. If you can, splurge responsibly.

Structured bags are timeless and you can safely aim for neutral colors. The most favored would be black because it looks remarkably chicer than the other colors. You can also get them in tan which is also a wonderfully versatile color you can wear during any of the seasons. As for the design, most of the structured bags come in classic design. You only need bags that you can practically use and that includes a top-handle bag for office use and a cross-body bag for use during weekend escapades and errands.

Once you get your choice of bag, make sure to take care of it, keep it shiny, clean and smelling good. This also contributes to your bag looking expensive.

9. Simple is classy

When you examine the most iconic looks of the century, you will see that most of them are simple – black dress, plain and basic. They look effortlessly put together but surprisingly, they also look expensive. Simplicity is beauty. Sometimes, this is the only fashion maxim you need to go with. Take a simple dress in the correct color that matches your skin tone, put on a bold accessory, add a plain handbag, pointed shoes or you can opt for a statement jacket on top instead. This outfit is a classic example of simplicity meeting elegance.

And the great thing about dressing in a simple outfit is simple clothes usually will not cost you an arm and a leg. There are outlets that adopt this style and you can get them at a good a price.

10) Find the clothes that fit you or go to a tailor

The secret of celebrities looking so good is that the clothes they wear are made specifically for them. You can get a dress in the most expensive store but if they do not fit it to you, then your money will have gone to waste. A good example of this is those men who wear a perfectly fitting suit. They look like big-time Wall Street guys who have money in Swiss banks.

So how do you get those clothes that fit you well? The first and the most effective way is to have it tailored. You can spend money on cheaper clothes then have them tailored in order to get that fitted, expensive look. Finding a tailor may be a challenge but once you get one, the process becomes easier and will notice immediately why this is a good investment.

Another way to find clothes that fit well is to really know your size. This can also get tricky but it is much more practical. When you buy clothes off the rack, choose the one that fits best. If you are choosing between two options, choose which one would look more flattering with items you already have.

Here is the proper way of measuring your size for the most flattering fit:

a) For your bust. You need to measure around your chest at the fullest point of the bust. Note that you do not measure under the bust.

b) For your waist. Measure by standing straight up, and then bend your waist to one of your sides.

c) For your hip. When you measure, stand with your feet together. Measure around the fullest part of your hip.

Now, there are other ways to make your outfit look expensive while on the budget. Make sure you that you shop smartly and not by impulse. Take note of the tips I mentioned and occasionally do some style experiments on your end. Know what looks good on you and then everything will follow, including the cost of your outfit.

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