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Christmas Gift Ideas For 2018

Christmas Gift Ideas For 2018

Hello ladies!

I can’t believe it, Christmas is just around the corner! That means we have so little time to choose presents for our loved ones. To help avoid stress and rushed purchases, I have prepared a list of 20 different Christmas presents to make your search a bit easier. There are some conditional categories for men and women and some universal ideas that suit both genders. So let’s get started!


1 – Cosmetic items are one of the best ways to make a woman happy. A box with different skin/hair care products can be a valued addition to a main gift or even be an independent present.

2 – Little leather goods like wallets, gloves, belts or card holders are a perfect gift for everyday use and can say a lot about the value that person has as such gifts can be quite expensive.

3 – Interior items such as candles, fairy lights and posters can be a great opportunity to surprise your friend, mother or neighbour with how well you know his/her style and preferences.

4 – A high quality Christmas wreath could be a good present for any woman who enjoys decorating the home and keep it cozy. An added bonus is that the wreath (if made of fake plants, of course) can continue making home festive for many Christmas’s into the future.

5 – Pyjamas and nightgowns are always needed and wanted! You don’t necessarily need to choose those with a festive theme but should you want to do so, Christmas prints like snowmen, snowflakes and deer’s are popular. Aim for laconic designs that can be worn all year round!

6 – When it comes to the more expensive side of presents for those close to you, I would suggest that a new pair of sneakers. Gucci or Balenciaga sneakers are very trendy right now and if you can afford them, go right ahead and get some.


1 – A high quality wallet with his initials will be a great present for Christmas. It not only shows the personalization of your gift but will also act as a constant reminder of you.

2 – If anyone would ask a man about his dream present, the majority would choose a watch. The catch is that you need to have a strong relationship like father and daughter, bride and groom, brother or partner. Otherwise this item may be too personal and could make him feel insecure or uncomfortable.

3 – Ties are a tasteful add-on present or can be given on their own. It is safer to look at classic monotone types or those with nice prints.

4 – Parfüme can also be a great idea to compliment a man you are interested in. Right now Chanel Blue is one of the most popular fragrances for men but you might need to do some homework and check what scents he already has. A personalized bottle is another good way to impress him: ask if the perfume boutique can write his initials or a phrase on the bottle. This will be very pleasing and like the wallet, has the appeal of personalization.

5 – If the man you are gifting enjoys such things as alcohol, you can impress him with a rare and expensive bottle of wine or whiskey.


1 – There are a lot of gifts that can be given to both women and men, you only need to use your imagination and knowledge about that particular person.

2 – Tickets to a musical concert, drama/ballet/opera performance or tickets for a stand up show or a football game are always a winner. My main advice is to purchase at least two tickets or offer to go to the event together – It will be a pleasing bonus as the experience can be shared between you. Membership for a week/month/year at her/his favourite gym or to a museum (nowadays a lot of museums offer membership to the guests which usually provides entrance to VIP area and parties) will be a well received and useful gift.

3 – Sweaters, scarves and socks are very old-fashioned but they always warm not only our bodies, but our souls too. The tradition of gifting wooly items for Christmas is a bit old-school but definitely one of the best.

4 – Gadgets are loved by almost everyone as they are both practical and really useful. Wireless headphones, health bracelets or power banks – whatever you give will be highly appreciated! Video games are very effective when it comes to electronic presents but are often used by a younger crowd so make sure it’s age appropriate.

5 – Christmas tree toys and photo frames with joint photos are a forever classic that provides the recipient with a sprinkling of nostalgia. These little things can contain a lot of good memories and serve to remind feelings and emotions each time we look at them.

6 – Books – Who doesn’t love them?! They can brighten up the darkest and coldest day and will remind the owner of you. For me, one with a beautiful cover and a signed card would be the perfect gift.

7 – If you are looking for something to last a lifetime, you need to consider some jewellery. Bracelets, rings or necklaces – The choice highly depends on a person’s preferences and your abilities. But try to keep it simple and laconic instead of being over the top and buying the most expensive diamond earrings as the cost is not as important as the one you are giving it to.

8 – A teapot with a variety of different teas is an excellent gift for one you don’t really communicate a lot with and by this, I mean relatives, colleagues or neighbours. This present can be uplifting to anyone who drinks it especially when paired with a good quality chocolate or sweet.


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