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My message to you as a fashion blogger is quite simple. I am here to educate, provide tips, tricks and raise awareness about clothing recycling. To introduce the latest trends & styles to help you recognize items that could be paired up beautifully or spot items that might be a total mismatch.

I will teach you how how to combine old and new pieces to create a brand new look for you. I want you to be confident and not lost amongst the huge choice of clothing every time you shop.

I want to raise awareness regarding the current ‘Fast Fashion’ trend and what it costs the planet.

I would like to rise an awareness regarding recycling your unwanted pieces of clothing.We drop the bags off at the Salvation Army assuming it will find its way to someone who needs it. Have you given thought to what happens if the clothes are not at an acceptable level? It usually ends up costing organisations a lot of money to dispose of them.

I believe when we donate clothing, its our duty as kind-hearted humans to make sure that the clothing we donate is in wearable condition without holes or permanent stains. Fashion is about beautifying humans and not another way around. Therefore, by donating clothing in good condition, we ensure that we are helping people not just with material things but we help to make them feel better about themselves. That suit that you donated might just get them that job that they so desperately need.

For me Fashion is a celebration of creativity, expression and the showcasing of individuality, not just a means of keeping us warm in a cold winter.

So don’t be afraid !!


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