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9 Ways To Style your Classic White Long-sleeved Shirt

9 Ways To Style your Classic White Long-sleeved Shirt


A staple piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe is a classic white shirt. It forms an important part of a basic wardrobe every woman should have. As a white shirt can be worn in so many ways and for so many occasions, having a white classic shirt is a must-have. But for some women who have to wear a classic white work shirt to work every single day as a part of their work attire, white can also become quite boring.

I have put together guide to get you inspired and re-innovate the way you wear your classic white work shirt. Here are 10 ways to wear a classic white long-sleeved shirt yet remain stylish and trendy!


Wear your white shirt as a delayer! You can roll your sweater sleeves up till the elbows so that part of your white shirt is exposed. This way your combination will gain contrast and an overall stylish feel.




This beige laconic business casual look works best in contrast with bright accessories and makes the outfit feel less formal but still professional. Perhaps add a loose classical shirt under an oversized sweater. I love a scarf around the neck as it adds a touch of femininity and draws spectators eyes to you.


Wear your white classic shirt with louder items like a sparkly maxi skirt and sneakers.


If you want to make a classic white shirt a part of an evening outfit, wear it with a maxi sparkly skirt or any maxi skirt, just add high heels to fully dress up the look.


And for more comfort, you can wear a pair of sneakers like the girl in the above photo.


Here is something new for you; Try to use a thin stylish belt around your waist line. It can be a very simple addition yet is surprisingly very eye catching.


Olivia Palermo loves wearing belts like this! It’s very simple but at the same time, very interesting in a casual outfit with a belted shirt and camouflage shorts. Her shirt is very loose but when accompanied with a tight belt, the outfit shines and becomes extremely stylish, especially for the warm weather.


A vest is a very trendy piece right now especially when paired with a shirt!



Now here is something you wont see too often; A mini skirt worn over a very lengthy shirt!


This girl wears a striped shirt with a denim mini-skirt on top of it. A casual outfit can be even more trendy and comfortable if you put on a leather jacket and add a statement bag. You can definitely change this striped shirt to a more simple one; White, for example is always a good idea! Here is article by Vogue that I found very interesting


A corset on top of a classical shirt looks extremely modern and very sexy!

Bella Hadid https://www.weloveglasses.com

Bella Hadid is infamous for her love of controversial clothing choices. The above outfit is a strong mix of classic modern and fashionista’s taste. She pairs silky bell bottom trousers, high platforms, a white shirt and a tight black corset. This look has it’s own style and mild vintage vibes. I consider this look to be very feminine and stylish.


A simple dress looks much more interesting with a shirt underneath.


Plaid or checked prints are trendy this Fall season especially in combination with colourful accessories like bags and statement shoes. This particular look is based on classically reserved dress, romantic white shirt and bold accessories. This contrast complements both sides of this wonderful woman: femininity and power. Here is plenty more Ideas how to style white shirt.


Try to wear a tight turtleneck under a shirt.


If you don’t know how to build a warm but conservative and stylish office look, place a turtleneck underneath a white shirt. The turtleneck can be any color of your choice, just try to match it to whole outfit like this girl did. A monochromatic everyday skirt outfit is added along with army style boots and cool sunglasses. Here is plenty of monochromatic ideas for you draw upon


White on white looks clean, fresh and expensive .. believe me!


Minimalism can be interesting if you choose the right items of clothing. A white striped suit looks its best when a simple white shirt is worn underneath. You can always add some stylish details like sunglasses and a gentle pair of shoes.

I personally own quite a few white classic shirts. I also have white pants, jeans, shoes, bags and a winter jacket. Yes, it is difficult to look after whites as they can quickly turn yellow in color and get dirty easily. But think about how it makes you feel when you dress all white or have quite a few pieces in white. Your whole face looks fresher, happier and the outfit looks elegant and expensive. So if you have a chance to invest in a few core white pieces, I recommend you do so.

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