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3 Fashion Trends You Need to Know this Fall

3 Fashion Trends You Need to Know this Fall

Lana Snow

If you’re as fashion addicted as I am, you may already know the new trends that are approaching this Fall. Just in case you missed it, I decided to sum up the most popular trends and pass on my thoughts.


Let’s begin with the most obvious one,

the 80’s style which is a very controversial fashion trend. We all loved our mothers fashion style and we enjoy seeing our mothers wearing something vintage. But the concern is in the boundary between a good vintage feel and the negative retro/out-of-date vibes. Looking trendy, stylish and fashionable in every outfit is a real talent but we can also learn how to combine clothes the best way by experimenting and analyzing. So I suggest you look at celebrities and fashion divas, at their choices and preferences especially when it comes to styling vintage as I am a big fan of reusing clothing whenever possible.


80’s fashion is famous for the colours:

blue, purple and lilac, strange trench coats and shoes. Fashion designers have already included some clothing pieces into their collections with some minor modifications, so it’s very simple to find out what style is to come.

Here are the most wearable and fashionable 80’s trends in 2018;


Gucci fall/winter 2018/2019

Gucci fall/winter 2018/2019

Balenciaga, fall/winter 2018/2019

Gucci fall/winter 2018/2019


Look carefully at the photo, can you see a vintage looking sport-like coat made of different patterns, colours and materials? Shows from Gucci and Balenciaga are great examples to get inspired by extraordinary combinations and multi-layering, even that was trendy back in the 80’s. If you are still hungry for me info and Guide To The Biggest Trends I found more info for you from Elle Magazine.


Faux fur is another item of that epoch. Real fur nowadays is not used anymore as we have taken major steps to preserve wildlife and we can easily and cheaply manufacture it from synthetic fibres. That is why many fashion houses offer a lot of faux fur-coats on the runways. Leopard print, neon coloured and natural-coloured fur gained huge popularity this year as well.

Balenciaga, fall/winter 2018/2019

Balenciaga, fall/winter 2018/2019






Balmain, fall/winter 2018/2019

                                                                                                                                                         Fendi, fall/winter 2018/2019

I personally don’t like prints that mimic animals fur, I prefer blue, purple, green as I see these coloured being fun and are not a reference whatsoever to real life animals.Here is a useful link that I found for you to read  Autumn Fashion Trends from Harpersbazzar   if you are keen to learn more.


Plaid material is back! Plaid material comes back every cool season and this Fall is no exception. Look closely at the bright variations of this print, like red, yellow and blue and if its your cup of tea, you should consider investing in it as this print will definitely catch everyone’s attention on the street. You can wear it not only during Fall but Winter and Spring as well. Investing in one piece of clothing (plaid jacket, plaid coat, plaid skirt or plaid pants) that will last you 3 or more seasons is always a good idea.I found this useful link for you if you would like to see what you can purchase.This list was made by MarieClaire Magazine

I bought a Plaid skirt a few years ago from Max Mara and yes, it’s still very relevant to todays fashion.

                                                                                                 Versace, fall/winter 2018/2019

Prada, fall/winter 2018/2019

Prada, fall/winter 2018/2019


Fashion cycles are a great thing

as they show us that all things come around, clothes that we bought a long time ago will be trendy again and we will have pleasure of wearing them one more time. So don’t throw away anything that looks like a good quality piece, it just might come back in fashion like a leather biker jacket or a classic pair of denims. Especially if you were fortunate enough to inherit any Gucci, Channel, Sass& Bide from your Mum. Just hold onto those pieces as they will always hold style.

My story 

Many years ago, I bought a vintage silk scarf from a flee market for $10 as I absolutely loved the pattern. I wore it many times and still do. One day at a banquet, a lady asked me where I got my scarf. I explained that I bought it then she looked at me and said “Wow! This is a quite an expensive scarf and hard to find”. Of course I had no clue what she was on about so I asked her “Why is it hard to find?” and her response was ‘Because this scarf , if its original, is from the 80’s and from the very first group created by a famous Australian artist”

I took a close look at the corner of the scarf and realised it was signed & dated by Ken Done. I did further more research at home and found that the scarf that I bought for $10 is actually worth thousands.

You should  read 11 Unique Ways to Style your scarf in 2018/2019  if you truly want to look amazing wearing scarf.

Yes, I still have the scarf in a safe place at home and still tell the same story to everyone who asks about it!!!

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