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20 Fall Essential Must-Have’s Will Change How You Shop

20 Fall Essential Must-Have’s Will Change How You Shop


Lana Snow @lanasnowy

Fall season is always a good time to change ourselves inside and outside.

We can start new projects, try to learn something we`ve always wanted and create another positive habit. But we can start building our new lives with a simple and usually exciting step like changing or completing our wardrobes! In this article, you will find a lot of useful tips and items which can actually help you to look trendier and more stylish this Fall!


First thing everyone needs during the cooler seasons is a coat. Today we have a great variety of different coats so should not be a problem to pick something matching your style and body type.

Of course, classical beige, black or navy blue coats are always a success if it comes to casual looks. They are practical and easy to combine with all the clothes. But if you want to try something extraordinary you can always get a very colourful or unusual coat. Animalistic, floral and plaid coats work as good as mono coloured ones! Cosmopolitan published their article on Best Winter Coats in 2018 if you are curious it’s a good info to read. 

Vogue France, Fall/Winter 2018-2019 New York Fashion Week

Vogue France, Fall/Winter 2018-2019 New York Fashion Week

Vogue France, Fall/Winter 2018-2019 New York Fashion Week

Vogue France, Fall/Winter 2018-2019 New York Fashion Week

Vogue France, Fall/Winter 2018-2019 New York Fashion Week


A cloak or a raincoat is also a good essential during rainy days. Try to stick to classical nudish pieces with high quality details and good materials. Cloaks are always fashionable and there is always an opportunity to wear it from season to season for many years. (pictures from the same source).


Belted Jackets

Belted items like jackets  easily complement your figure and make an outfit look finished and interesting. And as a bonus, your outfit suddenly becomes an object that catches people`s eyes!

Yasmin Sewell & Sarah Harris


It`s hard to imagine any season without a comfortable pair of sneakers. This season, as per the previous seaons, good sneakers can replace every other pair of shoes and that`s why we have to be very responsible when it comes to shopping for them. Choose those you feel comfortable in but don`t forget about their appearance. You don`t want to go outside wearing a pair of gym-shoes. I wrote in depth article regarding Best Sneakers Trends in 2018/2019 click to read

Nike Air Max 95, Rython GUCCI Logo Sneaker, Balenciaga SPEED

Denim Dress

can be a very good transition item from Summer to Fall because it is easy to wear a shirt or a sweater underneath. Denim dresses also look great with boots, hats and coats! Wear denim dress in preference to a village-sarafari kind this season. A lot of buttons can help to achieve a more stylish look too!

Urban Outfitters Button-Down Denim Mini Dress & ASOS


Absolute designer`s favourite this fall season is a scarf! Plain, mono or multi coloured, floral or animalistic printed. Every possible style is suitable for upcoming season to make your look more luxurious! Wear it as an ordinary scarf on your neckline or in your hair, use it as a belt or even place it on your bag! Click here to read mind blowing 11 New Ways to Style Scarf in 2018/2019

Large Silky Square Scarf | Urban Outfitters Elie Saab Resort 2019


Turtleneck sweater

A turtleneck sweater will definitely keep you warm and looking very classy. The best Autumn colours are deep red, beige, grey, black and yellow. This addition is very simple and casual and it matches almost every clothing combination. Put it on and you`ll never want to take it off because of the comfort! How To Style Oversized Sweater could be a real challenge but here is an article to help you  


Cashmere Sweaters

Cozy cashmere sweaters are the real deal! They seem to somehow match everyone irrespective of your style and body type. You always can choose a style and colour palette you want. A bright fluffy oversized cloud or a neutral-coloured fitting conservative vest can look equally great in different situations!


High Waisted Jeans

High waisted jeans, loose or skinny, is another must have for every girl. They make your legs look longer, waist smaller and help glue look together because of their retro feeling. If you are thinking of getting a perfect pair of jeans you read this article How To Choose perfect Pair Of Jeans

Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Lydia Millen

White T-Shirt

White t-shirt would be a perfect addition to fall-inspired wardrobe. It will give your outfit some minimalistic vibes with a relaxed look

@jerianie, Pinterest


Fashionable and comfortable boots have to always be in your favour! This item not only protects your feet from getting cold but also works as an interesting and important part of your look. Try something new this season: Chelsea, Charli, jackboots or sock boots – whatever you like! Pay attention to classical types with extravagant colours, prints or decorations or feel free to be as conservative as you want! Whether you choose Ankle or Knee High Boots I have in depth articles how to choose right boots for you.    

Missguided, Dr Martens, Missguided


As mentioned earlier, a belt is a must have. It joins together all the pieces of your outfit and lifts them to another level. Today, minimalistic belts with a simple monogram buckle are very trendy so try to find something like this. You could also visit a second hand or antique store where we can often find statement accessories with a story and at a good price!

Gucci belt, Hermes belt

Embroidered clothing

Embroidered clothing is another must have. The best choice for a conservative style is an interesting blouse with some unusual details on a collar or cuffs. Skirts, trousers and jackets can have a pinch of raisins too. Courageous girls can stick to all over embroidery but remember that “The more the better’’ rule can work great only in a smart combination of clothes and accessories.

@tessa_perlow, Topshop Jeans, Alexander McQueen dress

High Heels

Even if you don`t often wear high heels, you definitely need at least one pair of them in your wardrobe. Fall is a time to experiment and high heels can work beautifully with fall outfits which feature coats. The best and most classical type of high heeled shoes is, of course, pumps. But you don`t have to feel restricted in your choice. There are a lot of great alternatives like peeps, ankle strapped shoes, mules, oxfords and so on. The range is endless and you can certainly find a pair matching both your individuality and needs!

Manolo Blahnik, Gucci Mules, Freda Salvador loafer pumps

A Suit

A suit has to be your next purchase if you don`t already own one. This item can save the worst day ever by only touching your body. It`s better to buy trouser suits this season as they are much more comfortable than those with skirts. Plaid pattern can be a great choice if you want to look colourful but serious at the same time. Plain monochromatic suits will work well especially with cool shoes and trendy bags. Try to wear your suit separately and experiment with different styles and combinations!

Victoria Beckham, Missguided, Martha Hunt

Plain Shirts

Speaking of suits, we should never forget about plain white shirts which can be worn on a daily basis adding an everyday work look! In this case, I am talking about a classical white shirt. It always brings some freshness and smartness to every outfit and that`s why all the girls need to have at least one this kind of shirt. If you already have one, try to wear it differently and experiment.

Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham, Pinterest


To keep your lovely hands nice and warm, you will need a pair of gloves. Every outfit can be compliments by a pair and you will always feel comfortable. Standard dark gloves suit everyone but for those who want to explore, you can blend your look by adding very bright and colourful elbow-length or biker gloves. 

Oscar De La Renta, Karl Lagerfeld, Acne


One of the most important items every season is a bag! Nobody can imagine life without one. That`s why we have to carefully choose the one we`ll be enjoying during this Fall time. When hunting for a bag, don`t forget about your needs and personal style as you can always buy a smaller or bigger size of the same bag type. But always keep in mind that that every woman has to have at least one big and one small bag for different occasions.

@inthefrow, Christian Dior Diorama bag, Chloe Nile Bracelet bag, Giggi Hadid with Valentino Bag


A good quality pair of classical trousers is an irreplaceable Autumn item that goes with everything you can imagine! Don`t be stingy on this part, they will serve you for many years! When it comes to a colour palette, try to stick to neutrals rather than bright tones as they are always safely in trend.

Victoria Beckham, Ralph Lauren, Topshop


Even if it`s cloudy or foggy, that is not an excuse to ignore your favourite sunglasses. They not only give that chic look, but also protect your poor eyes from the sunshine. Consider wearing a pair that is tastefully narrow or branch out to a wider pair if they work with your face shape. 

Kim Kardashian in CELINE sunglasses, ASOS sunglasses

So there we are, the 20 must-have recommendations for the upcoming fall season. Use them as a guide or for inspiration and be sure to remain consistent with your personal style.

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