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20 Chic Outfits To Have This Summer!!

20 Chic Outfits To Have This Summer!!


First, let’s have a look at a sexy combo of a jeans based mini-skirt and classic blazer. They will always work well, almost like match made in heaven especially if you accessorize it correctly. A jeans mini-skirt  will allow you to show off your beautifully tanned lags and the blazer itself will add that classic, sharp touch to your outfit. Just make sure that you keep your underlayer simple.


Blazers …. Blazers… Blazers are my love! The way I see it, there are only a few things in your wardrobe that you need to get perfectly tailored and for me, one of those is a blazer. When well tailored, a blazer can serve you for years  and be your best friend for many occassions. Here is another example of a blazer that is paired up with quite a simple underlayer and jeans. But adding a blazer with character, the whole  look elevates and looks so chic and stylish.


Now we move to dresses! I dont have enough words to describe my excitement and anticipations for this summer. Colours and patterns are back in a big way! That means you can easily throw on a patterned dress and look good without too much effort. Infact, this season you can combine a dress with any type of shoes, even your favorite sneakers. Different lengths and patterned dresses are definitely in season. Long dresses are very romantic, elegant and femanine and if you are a bit more conscious regarding the apperance of your legs, it’s a perfect choise. A long dress will elongate your body and give the appearance of being taller and slimmer.



But if you feel up to it, a short version of a patterned dress looks sexy as hell!!


As I mentioned earlier, strongly consider getting a pair of white sneakers for both comfort and expressing that much desired chic look. Hopefully these are helpful ideas and concepts to get you inspired!!


Oversized dresses made out of natural materials like linen, cotton and wool is a new summer trend. To give it a chic look, you can combine with a classic shirt as an underlayer which will work harmoniously together.  Introduce a pair of stylish runners to complete the outfit and you will bring extra sophistication to your overall look.


And don’t forget about Italian style linen pants. They are extremely comfortable on hot summer days and quite easy to add to for a more sophisticated outfit.


And we cannot forget high wasted jeans as they are still very relavent this season.


Summer is about colours and patterns and of course old but proven and never aging classic white color. Anything white.. really is in this year!!! I love the look of white blazer as you can wear it to the beach party with a shirt, jeans, skirt or pair it up with elegant dress. White Blazer is a MUST to have in your wordrobe.


For those days when the evenings are cold, dont forget to head out with a cute sweater/jumper. As we saw during the fashion week 2018, a lot of influencers wore a beautiful sweater over a classic dress or combined it with an elegant skirt.



Here is more elegant version of adding a warm sweater to an outfit, just for those cold moments during the day like at a fancy brunch!!



Don’t forget to grab an eye catching skirt just for those occasions that you want your outfit to scream “LOOK AT ME”


And maybe you noticed all the celebrities wore it and you probably were wandering what kind of style is that ? A new trend in 2018 is ‘Sports Luxe Street Style’ – Just have a look at these images and brands and you will understand the nature of the trend.

Photo: Getty Images




High wasted pants definitely are the hit of this summer. They work perfectly for almost every woman as it elongates the legs, shortens the torso and slims down the total image.



The shape of skirts can vary a lot and that is helpful as it that allows women of any shape and size to choose the skirt that is right for her body type. But honestly, how can you not love a Latin inspired skirt with lots of frills and body to it.


Lets remember that summer time is the explorative and outgoing season, you will need a few elegant pieces for those nights out!


Next, we look at the classic black and white ensemble .. but it doesnt have to be boring!!


High wasted skirts of any bright colour will always make you pop from crowd, as demonstrated below


or even reverse the colours!!


Next up, we look at clothing utilising checker/lines patterns which are a hit this season!

Here is 2 gorgeous examples of large sleeves which add tasteful texture and volume


And last on the list is oversized work shirts or T-shirts! It can really serve you as multi purposed addition if you know how to style it!!

Here are few more pics for inspiration!



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