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20 ‘Casual Friday’ Outfit Ideas for Work

20 ‘Casual Friday’ Outfit Ideas for Work


What to wear on Casual Friday?

It’s a weekly challenge to find business casual outfits for women. We rummage through our wardrobes and think “OK, I need to look stylish but not too over dressed or under dressed” as we all need to uphold a professional attire.

My aim/goal in this post is to give you ideas and help solve the puzzle of what is appropriate for business casual work outfits.

Let’s start from the beginning;

Your Casual Friday Outfit presents an interesting balance and combination of looking professional, remaining comfortable and bringing in a subtle touch of your femininity. You do not have to stick to pastel colours only, we can all introduce a colourful item to the outfit.

 A burst of colour is the Key Secret to give your ensemble some extra spice thus transforming a seemingly plain outfit into an eye catching piece. For example, a hint of colour in your outfit be can via the addition of a garment with a pattern. A casual Friday outfit with a checkered pattern is perfect and depending on its colour and material, checkers can make a shirt looks very classy or gently transition across to a more smart-casual feel.

My favourite piece

of clothing that I invested in is a well tailored blazer.

The Military style of blazer is my personal favourite as it’s EVER lasting, always in style and you can wear it with almost anything. For me, it’s a must-have for every woman.

Can I wear black jeans to Casual Friday ?

– Yes !!

A casual outfit with jeans can easily be worn to work as long as you ensure that the top follows a classic fit. For example, a pair of classic black jeans with a perfect crisp white or checkered shirt will give you an tasteful business casual outfit that is still appropriate for any professional environment.

This season has a strong emphasis on high waisted pants with a loose cut combined with classic jeans and you can safely dress it up or down with a variety of tops, cardigans, jackets and blazers. Of course, the world of accessories needs to be considered as they can make or break an outfit.

When you are selecting them for casual Friday, it’s important to remember that you do need to look professional, therefore my suggestion is to stick with silver, gold and/or pearls. If you are craving something more dynamic, there is always room for statement pieces like bigger cuffs, mismatched earrings and decorative rings.

Conservative outfit + bold statement pieces of jewellery = Yes!


Liberal outfit + subtle and classy jewellery = Yes!


If you are like me and are continually looking for sources of information, here is a link to a helpful post by Vogue . 

Here are some links to brands I personally go to for high quality clothing which is suitable for the work environment. High quality clothing always appeals to me because it maintains its excellent quality, wash after wash which saves me money, time and helps care for our planet in an eco-friendly way;

  • Casual suits by Victoria Beckham 
  • High quality casual shirts & blouses by  Ralph Lauren which will perfectly suit your office environment.
  • You will find very sharp and trendy looking coats & jackets at Lacoste










































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