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10 Looks To Get Inspired By This Fall

10 Looks To Get Inspired By This Fall

Fall is a good time to experiment with your style and try new things. Here we have some very tasteful fashion examples we can take inspiration from. When we look at other peoples’ style, it is important to look at the details as well. Get inspired by picking and choosing certain details from the outfit that appeal to you and making a mental note about how the pieces were put together. This will train your eye and help when you next go shopping as you will have a clearer idea of what works and what does not. This approach will actually save you a lot of time and money.


Christy Turlington is a well known iconic beauty! In the below picture, she is wearing a great turtle-neck in neutral colours which really brightens her face. Baggy trousers in grey khaki tones are a smart choice to accompany the turtle neck jumper. This relaxed look was spunked up by a stylish bag which brings a gentle layer of sophistication to an otherwise very cozy look. The main idea of this outfit is to tastefully embrace simplicity.

Christy Turlington fall look turtleneck lana snow style

Christy Turlington by Matthew Sperzel, Glamour


Every casual look, even jeans and a white tee, can become far more interesting if you think outside of the box and are not afraid to experiment with your style. Selena Gomez always looks very casual and simple at upon first glance. She is excellent at vintage styling and we have to look at each piece individually to gain an understanding of how to combine vintage clothing the right way. This full length coat offers serious retro chic vibes to the whole look, which is amplified by circle sunglasses and loafers.

Selena Gomez fall look coat lana snow style

Selena Gomez, www.voxcalantisindeserto.blogspot.com


As we already know, suit pants are extremely trendy right now and it’s the perfect time to try wearing them as they are extremely comfortable and very stylish for any occasion. Gigi Hadid is one of many suit lovers who faithfully wears them. The below picture shows her in a straight-lined, mustard coloured suit which works perfectly as an ensemble even without any real accessories.

Gigi Hadid VOGUE UK suit lana snow style

Gigi Hadid, VOGUE UK


Giovanna Battaglia is very famous for her feminine and classical looks. The outfit in this photo is a great example of how to cleverly wear checked clothes without looking out-dated. Pair a plaid coat with a simple cut along with a coloured skirt that will not steal attention from the plaid coat. You will want your under layers to compliment your plaid coat and not compete for the attention. Choose your pumps, sunglasses and a modern style bag as that will enhance the modernity of the look.

Giovanna Battaglia plaid coat lana snow style

Giovanna Battaglia, GettyImages


The one and only person who makes no fashion mistakes and always looks flawless is Anna Wintour, of course. Her elegant, long flower-patched coat looks stunning with high-heel boots. Bright and posh jewellery play an important role in complimenting this simple and yet very classy outfit. In fact, I think a small, colourful or bright mono-coloured bag would go really well with this whole look as well.

Anna Wintour flower coat fall lana snow style

Anna Wintour, GettyImages


A great transition piece from Summer to Fall can be a big, snuggly sweater which looks gorgeous when thrown over a light summer dress or skirt. Add some spice to your look by pairing it up with high-heel knee boots to look a touch more fashionable. This baggy and comfortable outfit does wonders when you want to go for an evening walk or have a cup of tea with friends. If it were up to me, I would also add a gentle, multilayered necklace as an accessory piece and a small purse to this outfit.

snuggly sweater summer fall lana snow stlye



A minimalistic approach is an effective way to focus all the attention on your own appearance and individuality. If you decide to go for a minimally stylish look, try the outfit in the below photo. The simplicity of basic colours and design will provide this look. If you feel the need to add some additional style, introduce interesting shoes (like mules), large earrings and wide belt.

simplistic outfit belt mules lana snow style



Rainy days can of course be a problem for anyone who wants to look fabulous but here is an interesting way to escape the concern of getting wet and ruining your clothes. Plastic macs are very trendy right now and they are available everywhere! Vintage shoes and a jersey dress can be a good replacement for the traditional jeans and tees.

Plastic macs stay dry rain lana snow style



A statement coat makes all the difference when it comes to fashion throughout the Fall. This item brings so much of that desired chic feeling to an outfit. Try to wear it with multiple types of clothing which allows you to get the most out of it. For example, you can combine the coat with cropped bell-bottomed trousers and a roll neck top in neutral tones. Add some weighty details like a plaid scarf and loafers to achieve this fancy look. A beret and sunglasses can be added too.

statement red coat lana snow style



If you are looking for an extremely comfortable yet elegant outfit – a woollen dress is the way to go! Choose fitted shapes to look more feminine and if you like, add heigh-heel shoes or sock-boots to elongate your figure. To highlight your waistline, just add a belt or pouch bag by Gucci.

woollen dress gucci lana snow style


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