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11 Items Curvy Women Might Need In The Closet

11 Items Curvy Women Might Need In The Closet

Having curves means having lots of options when it comes to clothing. You just need the flattering ones and let go of those items which do not complement your figure. And because curvy women often say they do not have good options when it comes to clothing, we looked into the most stylish pieces and present you with a list of 11 items every curvy woman might need in her closet. Please note this article represents my observations and I am trying to bring you the best information available.

1. High waisted jeans and high waisted trousers/pants for work

This item is a must-have for every curvy working girl. This is the staple of a stylish closet for a curvy woman. High waisted jeans or trousers will give you a statuesque silhouette and will make you look long and lean. Go for dark slim pants when it comes to color choices. Look for those pants that have a tight fit around the waist and hips and are a wider cut farther along the legs. These types of pants would go well with a white shirt / blazer over it or just a smart casual t-shirt. Whatever you do, do not wear light coloured pants because it might make your hips look wider. Dark slim pants are also versatile. You can wear them to the office or you can wear them in running errands.

Mixing them with a trendy shirt and adding some bright accessories like Tyra Banks and Kim Kardashian.

Tyra Banks

Kim Kardashian



Or combine them with a crop-top like Ashley Graham did;

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham



If you want to, throw in some denim as an element of your style. You might want to pick the cut that flatters your body. Opting for darker denim does not mean you have to give up those trendy fades and washes. All you have to note is where these fades fall. Are they flattering? If so, go for it. When it comes to fitting denim pants, make sure that nothing pulls or tugs and the pants fit without hurting.

2. A classic dress for work or dinners

There are different cuts of dresses and they could get tricky to wear especially for curvy women. Choose the shape that will complement your body. Cover those parts that you are not confident with. What’s great about these classic dresses is they can be worn during dinners and even to work.

The ultimate dress that one curvy woman should have is the crisp white dress shirt. This is such a chic item to wear. And not only that, it looks professional. What women might not know is that it also looks slimming when worn over a blazer. One go-to outfit would be slim jeans, silk white cami, an unbuttoned shirt and a statement necklace. Note that when you are looking for dresses, you need to look for a good fabric. Pick those that are a sturdy but stretches a little as you want the fabric to move along with you.

If you are looking for a dress for a special occasion, it’s time to find the dress you would look smashing in. A cocktail dress is definitely the way to go. There are cocktail dresses made for curvy girls with the shape, silhouettes, the ideal neckline and textured details to make you look sexy and stylish.

3. Pointy shoes that elongate the legs

Shoes with the same color as pants or legs with a long pointy tip will help to elongate the legs. If you want to look more professional for work, classic pumps can make your legs look slim and shapely. If you want a better choice, go for pumps with a pointed toe. The most important tip when choosing the shoes is to keep the heel height and width proportion to your size.

4. Boho dresses that hug around the waistline with a long V neck help to elongate the torso.

Boho or vintage looking dress will be a great addition to your wardrobe! One example of a boho dress with this flattering design is a tunic top. What makes a tunic great? Simple, it creates clean lines around your upper body and covers your hips and thighs. Actually, the best style to go with is the items which draw the eye upward and bring the focus to your face. For necklines, go for V shapes! These pieces will look attractive on a curvy women. If you want to throw some fun into your style, you can opt for those with ruffles.



Eva Mendes

5. Oversized coat with belt

During the fall season, your best friend is the oversized coat. Go for coats which can be worn with a belt. Wear your coat with a cross shoulder bag over it and a short dress underneath. A short dress will highlight your legs and will make them appear longer. Oversized fall coats in 2018 will make you feel relaxed and elegant at the same time as it makes any outfit look effortless. A coat is a wardrobe essential therefore consider investing into a good quality coat and it will last you years!!!

Selena Gomez often wears a mini under her big coats as does Jennifer Lawrence with her minimalistic style.

Selena Gomez

Jennifer Lawrence


6. Wear the right undergarments

Most curvy women have large busts and this is where the right undergarment comes in. Look for the bra that fits and see if it affects how your body looks. There are great tutorials available on how to find your bra size and they are important to note. Imagine if your bra does not fit well, it can ruin a perfectly put together outfit and make you look unflattering.

Another clothing miracle that should be an essential is spandex. It has the ability to tuck you in a little and can cover your lumps and bumps. But most of all, it makes a smooth foundation so you can wear your clothes perfectly. Basically, shape-wear should make you look thinner. If you want this item in your closet, choose the right fit that allows for a little movement. Now, you might ask, what is a good fit? Well, it means that you are comfortable with the shape-wear. Choose the shape-wear which will allow you to sit, walk and breathe comfortably.

7. Choose a skirt that makes you look tall

Skirts are important because they can make your waist look smaller and have the ability to elongate your legs. You can choose a tubular shape or a-line skirt but in a longer version. For your tubular skirt to look good, the length of it should be around 10cm below your knees. To make it a bit sexier, just choose a tubular skirt that fits well and has a long slit along the leg. That will visually elongate your legs and make you look leaner.

Chloe Kardashian



Kim Kardashian

Bonus – Ultimate Skirt Guide

 A clean and simple skirt that skims over the hip falling below the knee or midcalf tends to balance the silhouette, making your body appear like an hourglass. This is perfect if you have more weight at the lower part of your body.

A perfectly fitted pencil skirt that starts at your waist and falls to your knee or just below would be perfect if you have a heavier midsection. Wear this skirt with a blouse and it will create a body-shape that is very flattering especially as you move.

8. Invest in Comfortable flats

Aside from flats making every errand feel easier to do, the right flats can also be flattering to curvy women. Opt for those flats which are pointed. Tasteful flats can even match all of your outfits.

9. A belt is your best friend

If you look into the various outfits that curvy women are recommended to wear, there is one item that is consistent in all the lists. It is the belt. Look for a mid-size belt which you can wear to highlight your waist. Go for a bold design because they can draw attention to your waistline and create the look of an hourglass body type. Find a belt with a catchy buckle and make it a conversation piece or a fashion statement. Most style conscious curvy women consider the belt as the only accessory they need.

I found this useful article from BuzzFeed if you want to get more ideas.

And if you do decide to update your wardrobe I found for you this great article by Cosmopolitan enjoy.


10. The wrap dress is all the dress you need

If you are the type who is consistent when it comes to their style, the only item of clothing you must go with is a wrap dress. They are designed specifically for one purpose – to make every body type more attractive. This item is very important and needs to be separated from the classic dresses.

Now, how does a wrap dress make you look smashing? Well, it is because they highlight your waistline. This is your goal when you pick a dress if you are curvy. The wrap dress is also flattering and emphasises your curves properly. InStyle created great article regarding Kim Karshashian and Curvy Body

11. Dark coloured clothes

You can of course wear all the colours you want to wear. Our suggestion is you wear them in darker tones yet you might wonder why. Dark colours create a slimmer silhouette if that is something you are after, hence you will look more trimmed. Unlike lighter tones, they do not make you look wide. The science behind this is that dark colours, or wearing black, reduces lighting cues or visual interruptions such as bulges, roll and cellulite. When all these visual interruptions are reduced, it creates a clean and cohesive look which makes you look thinner and even taller.

There are hundreds of reasons why dark colours are beneficial to curvy women. Aside from the fact that are flattering to the figure and cover up what need not be highlighted, darker tones are also very flexible. You can wear them to work, school or any other business and special occasion.

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