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10 Bags worth investing into

10 Bags worth investing into

Have you ever considered what single item best represents your personal style? I think the answer is a bag! A favorite bag reveals much more about a woman’s style than a completed outfit. Why? Because bags are often a large investment and we choose them very carefully which makes them highly valued to their owner.

When I was writing this post, I thought of my readers and what value I can bring to them. The decision was to put more time into investigation and create a informative listing of bags that hold value throughout years and never go out of style.

This raises the question; “Do expensive brands bags really hold their value?”

I myself own a Chanel bag and a few YSL bags and before purchasing, I did extensive research regarding resell value and if there is a high demand for used bags.

And guess what?!? After a few hours searching online, I found quite a few online vintage stores with used bags by some of the biggest brands and they are not cheap. As women tend to hold onto their bags and not resell them, that suggests there is a shortage of used bags available. In addition, lately vintage bags and clothes by big Fashion Houses are very trendy and people are constantly searching for them.

So whether you are planning to buy a brand new or vintage bag, stick to the classic well known brands and they will always hold value. To help you choose an everlasting bag, I have made a little guide that contains 10 very stylish and beautiful designer bags to consider.

A Valentino Candystud bag is a classic medium sized bag with some grunge vibes added to it. Logo mania is in fashion now and will be for the next couple of seasons but if you don’t like it, simple and more minimalistic bags exist too. This little baby looks great as a statement piece in a very laconic and reserved way but can act as a great addition to bright, diverse styles too.

A J’adior bag by Christian Dior is another classic, iconic bag with a very modern appearance. It will bring a simple and minimalistic daytime look to life and add eye catching detail to a stylized outfit in the evening. Being small in size and having a metallic chain (which is available in different colors) suggests it’s a good choice for women who are searching for a compact and stylish bag. The color range is also quite wide so you are sure to find a toning that fits nicely in your wardrobe. If you are looking for a bag to accompany you long term, 10 years for example, a Dior bag is a timeless classic both in shape and colour which will always be in style.

Shrimps Antonia

If you care about fashion trends, you may already know that pearls have been found on the runway for almost three years now. Pearls are a luxury material that can be found in numerous types of clothing and accessories. An Antonia bag by Shrimps has a fascinating shape shared with a very rich look, making it a popular bag for many fashion influencers. The styling will definitely have a strong appeal throughout the years but I suspect might be more popular as an evening/nighttime accessory.


Hermes Birkin bag The Birkin bag by Hermès is an immortal classic and the history of this iconic bag spans across decades and will continue to for many more. If you think that this bag deserves attention only when you wear something expensive and reserved, try to look at it in a new way as it can easily be a part of so many styles. For example, military, grunge, casual, sporty and romantic, this bag is the perfect choice. It comes in a wide range of sizes and styles, allowing you to purchase the bag that is just right for you.


Chanel 2.55 is such a classic bag, seen in advertisements and movies throughout the world. It varies is sizes and colours but always remains in style and is highly sought after by women around the world. Having a Chanel bag is like having that perfect gift that keeps on giving and one you will never grow tired of.

This bag can be worn at any occasion. Whether it’s a party, a date or a late night catch up with girlfriends, it adapts to any occasion. You can even pair it up with a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt to bring focus to it as a statement piece. This little charmer is being sold in a few sizes and colours so the larger version can easily be used as a daytime bag that highlights your lust for fashion and style.

Review on Chanel Boy Bag Medium size:

I myself have a Chanel Boy Bag in a medium size and I absolutely love it. It truly adds spice to any outfit and always looks appropriate for any occasion.

Regarding the actual size, you unfortunately can’t fit much inside. A phone, lipstick, earrings, credit card and some tissues will typically fill it up. That covers the obvious essentials but it’s something to keep in mind when selecting any bag.

Let’s talk about the “It bag” of previous seasons, the Louis Vuitton’s Capucines was the center of attention. A lot of celebrities and fashion divas wear it on a constant basis and elegance, style and class are the right words to describe this perfect creation. Any occasion is welcome whether it’s a business meeting or casual gathering with friends. With the LV Capucines bag, every outfit looks more complete regardless of what you are wearing. So if the LV brand appeals to you, I strongly urge that you consider this bag.

This is another bag by LV for those who love smaller bags as much as I do? The petite Malle bag is a dream come true for those who appreciate a gorgeous design in a small and elegant size. Have a close look at this bag and what do you see ?

Yes , the square shape imitates an old suitcase from the 1940s and the locks look identical to a briefcase which inspires an old vintage vibe. The addition of a bright strap running around the bag is incredibly tasteful and adds a welcomed burst of colour too. This bag comes in a variety of styles ranging from classical, conservative, rebellious and edgy so each girl really can find the version that suits her personality.

Geometric prints and textures have been a big trend this year. The Christian Dior Diorama bag is probably the best item with geometric details to invest into. This luxury accessory gets along well with minimalistic styles as well as heavily detailed outfits. Romantic, laconic and modern in style, the Diorama is very functional and lets the owner experiment with different styles.


If you are more interested in obtaining an extraordinary look and not too fussed about  functionality, have a look at this stunning Yves Saint Laurent smoking box bag. Although not that practical, it will definitely add spice and uniqueness to your every outfit. The little box is very classy and made out of the finest materials so it will hold its quality and remain trendy for many more years to come. As it is such a unique piece, not everyone will be rushing out to buy it therefore investing in this beauty could be a consideration. If this yellow is too much, opt for the black version to match your style.

You don’t like hand bags but prefer backpacks? Then this one is for you!

Fendi makes a large variety of leather goods but this backpack really deserves your attention. It looks both casual and stylish yet draws from a touch of street style. The logo is tastefully placed and not too overpowering.

If you are planning to invest a few thousand dollars into a bag, my advice is to choose an old, classic and well established brand. That way, it will most likely prove to be a worthy investment that can be passed on from generation to generation.

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